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The Simple Clean Green Life was created to help you be in the know with the latest, most cutting edge information for green living, detoxification, nutrition, health, weight loss, and beauty. Please begin with the “simple start list” below and feel free to search the site for everything green, clean, and simple that you can incorporate into your life today! Check back often, as we are constantly updating the site with new information.

Simple Start 15

1. eat organic, local, in season

2. eat lower on the food chain (meat and dairy inevitably contain a lot more toxins)

3. remove GMO's from your diet, and minimize processed, packaged food

4. sterilize commercially grown raw foods by placing in boiling water for less than 60 seconds to remove e coli biofilm, even if you grow your own produce you should atleast sterilize it in iodine or a ozone system before consuming to remove listeria and other soil bacteria that have created poor health in many raw foodists; living foods that are fermented have healthy bacteria, so no worry here

5. remove processed oils and only cook with highly saturated fats like coconut oil

6. beware of heavy metals

7. do parasite and colon cleansing and detox once a year

8. start drinking green smoothies in the morning and eat more raw and living foods (sterilize produce eaten raw)

9. think carefully about the starches you eat, some are better than others, as well as how much you eat and with what-- longevity and health involves keeping insulin levels down

10. remove toxic cleaning chemicals and pesticides from your home and don't use them in or outside of your living space and get an indoor air cleaner

11. be conscious of emf's in the environment, especially from cell phones

12. be wary of plastics in the kitchen and petrochemicals and other chemicals in skin and bath products

13. exercise, stretch, breathe, play, meditate, sleep, dream, cry, laugh, sing, and get sun and fresh air

14. learn more about superfoods and the main supplements that everyone should consider

15. open your mind to gardening, permaculture, and biodynamics (instead of fighting against the present system, start building the new green paradigm beginning with the soil and the seeds we plant, shop less, plant more!)

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