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      貨號:040030 型號:S401
      價格(元):詢價 產地:美國

          The S410 Blood Pressure Training System includes a full-size adult left arm that may also attach to any Gaumard adult manikin. This is a versatile training tool developed to assist health professionals teach the processes and skills required to perform blood pressure auscultation procedures. Full size left arm that may also attach to any Gaumard adult manikin. Programmable, palpable radial pulse when cuff pressure is less than the selected systolic blood pressure Korotkoff sounds K1 through K4 (K5 is silence) audible between systolic and diastolic pressures Korotkoff sounds are automatically silenced if auscultation gap is selected Korotkoff sounds are automatically adjusted depending upon selected heart rate and the rate of cuff deflation. Conventional stethoscope to auscultate Korotkoff sounds in the antecubital area. Conventional sphygmomanometer cuff with tubing assembly. Programmable Blood Pressure Auscultation Tutor featuring: –Adjustable systolic and diastolic pressures –Adjustable auscultation gap –Adjustable pulse rate –Display tracks cuff pressure –International power supply 100 to 240 VAC Optional speakers with volume control allow students to hear what the individual student hears while using the stethoscope. Carrying bag Instruction manual


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      我們可以幫您推薦符合您要求的高級多功能靜脈訓練手臂模型(左\右) S401相關產品!


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