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      當前位置: 首 頁 - 產品中心 - 國外進口代理醫學模型
      貨號:040055 型號:SB32872U
      價格(元):詢價 產地:美國

          This system frees the instructor from “birthing duties” as the fetus descends through the birth canal. Features: removable end-plate for insertion of automatic birthing system; removable cervices automatically dilate as labor progresses; advance and rotation of fetus through birth canal; crowning of fetal head; manipulation of the vulva to pass the forehead, nose, and ears; syringe mouth and nose, rotation of the shoulders to enable correct delivery technique of neonate; birthing fetus; and two dilating cervices. May be used with the Advanced Childbirth Simulator (SB22438U). Comes with instruction manual and nylon carry bag.


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